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A few years back (lets say - 20...or 25...ok, it doesn’t matter) I had a dream to be a dog breeder when I “grew up”. It was not a common goal by the other third graders, but that was it! Fast forward to 2013, when we bought our first goldendoodle, Pettibone, and founded JennaLee Designer Doodles! As we’ve worked with countless excited families through the years and grown our program into one of the most successful on the east coast, we’ve seen the way EVERY person is SURE their dog is THE BEST DOG on the planet. And 100% of them are RIGHT -- and proud of it!

Take a couple steps backwards to that whole “growing up” part. I had two ‘main’ jobs throughout my formative years. One of my first jobs as a contributing member of society were based in clothing retail (hey-ho Charlotte Russe!), which eventually turned into working in boutique bridal and formalwear. The second job I had was much cooler, and was working for a smalltown-South Carolina-rock ‘n roll band-turned-not-so-small-anymore. Between the two, I had an immense knowledge of branding, merchandising, and showing off what you LOVE!...while looking cool. You have to look cool if you work for a rock band, ya know.

Speaking of what I love, I met Seth on the road with the aforementioned rock ‘n roll band in 2010. After we got married and settled into “the doodle life” (on steroids) we began seeing the need for people to have a way to show off the thing THEY loved most - their doodle. Our clients began asking us for shirts, and gear, and everything else - so with my past knowledge, the idea of a little clothing line was more than exciting for me! So - being the serial entrepreneur I am, off I went into research world, and only two (not so short) years later, and about 200 sample shirts later, Designer Doodlewear by JennaLee is born!

This line has been a labor of love, and is made for all kinds of doodle parents who just want to show off their favorite dood! We hope you love every single piece as much as we do!

-Jenna (& Seth), Founders
Designer Doodlewear by JennaLee


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